From the age of 30, our skin is continuously aging. This is a natural process. How much the passing of time affects when and how these changes develop varies greatly from person to person. It depends on various different factors, including genetics, lifestyle, stress and diet.

This is why it is always important to establish a tailored treatment plan taking into account the needs and circumstances of the individual patient. Today’s dynamically developing cosmetic treatments make it possible to preserve the beauty of your skin and turn back the hands of time without recourse to surgery. I treat existing skin problems, wrinkles and sagging skin with the very latest medical devices at the cutting edge of technology. I believe – and I see in my work every day – that you can look great, even at a mature age.

I am a fan of today’s ‘high-tech’ cosmetic procedures, which are continuously improving and becoming ever more effective and much less inconvenient. At the same time, I also believe in natural processes; I don’t think sudden, dramatic changes are appropriate. You can make someone’s skin look younger without it looking like they’ve had ‘lots of work done’. We strive to turn the clock back a few years while preserving the original attractive features of the individual. All of us want to look good without having to undergo drastic procedures.

I only work with the highest quality materials and equipment. At the same time, I would like most women to be able to have access to some kind of skin rejuvenation treatment, which is why I do my best to make sure the cost of treatment remains affordable. That said, I consider quality to be far more important than amazing deals or huge discounts. In my experience, my patients feel the same way.


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