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Dr Csernus completed her medical degree at the Semmelweis University Faculty of General Medicine in Budapest and earned her specialization exam through accredited medical training in Budapest. Her residency years included spells working in Budapest in the Dermatology Department of the Szent István Hospital, the Dermatology Department of the Honvéd Hospital, the Semmelweis University Dermatology Clinic and the Dermatology Department of the Pál Heim Pediatric Hospital.


  • Hungarian Dermatological Society
  • Hungarian STD Society
  • Non-Profit Association of Hungarian Private Dermatologists (MMKE)
  • Hungarian Medical Chamber
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Registered doctor for the British GMC and Dubai DHCC


Dr Csernus’s aim is for her patients to feel comfortable in their own skin. She brings all of her knowledge, experience and dedication to each patient or visitor, taking care of both general and cosmetic dermatological issues. Dr Csernus likes to place particular emphasis on helping her patients with their choice of everyday skin care products. She also provides skin care advice in magazines and on television, sharing her insights on various skin disorders with readers and viewers in the hope of increasing awareness on the best way to take care of and maintain skin.


Dr Pál Koltai is Chief Surgeon at the Head and Neck Surgery Department of the Hungarian National Institute of Oncology, where he has worked since 1998.

He has also been a senior lecturer since 2010. He has completed a PhD and specializations in ear, nose and throat (ENT) medicine and clinical oncology.

His main fields of interests include dermatological surgery on the head and neck, from simple re-sectioning to complete cosmetic reconstructions.

Ars Poetica

Dr Pál Koltai hails from something of a medical dynasty. And he is not the last in line either: his daughter is now a medical student at Semmelweis University. His great grandmother was Hungary’s first female surgeon. At every turn, she had to fight for her standing and respect among her male colleagues, which just goes to show how completely devoted and determined she was to follow her path. When we asked Dr Koltai what we should write about him on the website, this was his answer: 1. If your have listened to conversations about different parts of the body and people’s bodies in general at the Christmas dinner table since you were a small boy, you will either hate the idea of joining the medical profession or grow up to be a dedicated doctor. 2. If I can restore people’s entire faces after they have suffered serious illness, then I can also permit myself to smooth a few wrinkles from the faces of beautiful women.